Posted by erin on April 11th, 2007

Cultural Tectonics and View from the Fault Line.


This collection of reviews, topical articles and artist’s profiles is where you want to be if you are an artist, art collector or art lover in San Jose and Silicon Valley. This is where you will find the most art news and discussion of exhibitions, art issues and controversy, and of course, artists. We want to fill the great void of media coverage that surrounds the visual arts in our area.

The visual art scene in San Jose and environs is a rich one, increasingly active and innovative, infused with energetic young artists, new exhibition spaces, and expanding artistic opportunities. The Silicon Valley visual arts happenings are one of those best-kept-secrets in the news, and it’s hard — even for insiders — to know what’s going on in all venues from the San Jose Museum of Art to Zero1, the San Jose ICA, the Natalie and James Thompson Gallery, WORKS, Anno Domini, Heritage Bank, Art Object Gallery, the Palo Alto Art Center,Artik Art & Architecture, the Santa Cruz Museum of Art, MACLA, the Arts Commission, the Art Ark, the Museum of Quilts and Textiles, and the Public Art Program, to name just a few.

ARTSHIFT, San Jose, has a diverse Advisory Board, that have already proven themselves indespensable in the short life of this venture. You may direct comments and observations to any of them: Theta Belcher, Jade Bradbury, Stephen French, Kathryn Funk, James Morgan, Bill Kalageros, Sheila and Ralph Pickett, Fawn Powers, Erin Goodwin-Guerrero, Patrick Lydon, Pantea Karimi, and Virginia Westphal Uhl.

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Did you see a great show that deserves attention, or meet an artist that you think should be introduced to ARTSHIFT readers? We welcome your articles and reviews. Let’s hear from a larger community of eyes and opinions.

There are just a few rules. We want only material that is original to the web. Subject matter must be the visual arts or artists in/or from Silicon Valley (from Palo Alto to Santa Cruz) –or, roughly, the South Bay Area. Any “conflicts of interest” that create bias should be disclosed in the article. The article can be short or long, but we do insist on a few good jpgs. to accompany the writing. The writing should conform to minimum jouralistic standards for the visual arts and submit to editing when determined necessary by the Editor.


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Check into ARTSHIFT, San Jose, and let us shake up your assumptions once in a while.

Otherwise, we would like to provide you with visual arts news coverage you simply cannot get anywhere else.

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