Students in Art 26, Representational Drawing produce careful renderings.

Foundations Exhibition Informs New Students and Art School Visitors
By Pantea Karimi

For the first time, a juried exhibition of Pictorial foundation courses was held in Gallery Three in San Jose State University’s Art Building from December 1st through December 5th, 2008.

The exhibition was the brainchild of Gale Antokal, Pictorial Department professor, the curator, and the foundation coordinator at San Jose State University, who set out to highlight works by first year undergraduate art students.

The types of assignments new students can expect are revealed in the Foundations Exhibition.

Colorful panels that evoked the compositions of Mondrian enhanced the wall displays of over 100 artworks, highlighting work from four different classes: 2D Concepts, Color Theory, Beginning Drawing, and Representational Drawing. The Foundation exhibition promoted the importance of the Pictorial Foundation courses and in particular informed and inspired freshmen art students who had the opportunity to preview the range of instructor assignments and the scope of these fundamental art courses that they will take in the near future.

The student work represented the classes taught by Jason Adkins, Marlene Angeja, Pernilla Anderson, Theta Belcher, Christine Canepa, Terry Cunniff, Don Feasel, Erik Friedman, Brenda Jamrus, Pantea Karimi, Gina Pearlin, Lucy Sargeant and Ema Harris-Sintamarian.

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