Eusebio Lozano at San Jose State
By Erin Goodwin-Guerrero

Eusebio Lozano gives us a strong exhibition — another in a string of exceptionally interesting BFA thesis shows at San Jose State University. Known to his faculty advisors as a ceramics major, Lozano disappeared from the horizon for a couple of years. When he resurfaced it was with a body of painting that has the energy of color play, the freshness of a raw kind of textural illusion, literal texture, and lots to discover within each color and pattern area.

Untitled work by Eusebio Lozano

Multiple panels and rectangles within rectangles create tension between one another for their surface and color contrasts. Abstract painterly brushwork, underlying surfaces revealed through scratching and scraping away layers of paint, patterns that are layered one on top of the other, surprising small shifts in color or interruptions of pattern — all conspire to make each painting a rich viewing experience.

Lozano’s Untitled (#2)

The formal interactions that Lozano engages are becoming a contemporary genre. There are examples of this kind of work that have become repetitive and boring, yet Lozano has so far avoided a formulaic approach. In his statement, Lozano says a lot about the struggle to see, to see more and to see clearly. There is a sincerity in his search that translates into an honesty in the paintings.

Eusebio Lozano’s Untitled painting (#3), 2008

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