The Monotype Marathon, 2008, by Erin Goodwin-Guerrero

The annual San Jose ICA fundraiser featuring monotypes produced on one weekend in Silicon Valley area print workshops, cannot end without mentioning a few of the highlights. I always pass through this extensive selection of prints imagining where I could squeeze in another one or two pieces onto my walls. Or should I begin to rotate the collection?

Whirlygig by Cynthia Ona Innis, 2008

In any case, these “painterly prints” are as varied in style as any other print. There is abstract and figurative, loose and structured, straight monotype and monoprint, sometimes enhanced with collage or drawing. I enjoyed seeing how the work of annual contributors is progressing.

Tim Craighead’s Untitled monotype for the Vas Series

The floral abstractions of Kerry Vander Meer are getting better all the time. Kathryn Dunlevie manages to adroitly blend the collaged fragments of photographs with monotype, creating soft and crisp contrasts in La Stazione. Jenny Robinson’s cityscapes blend shadows and soft tones with the crispness of her architectural observations as well.

An urban industrial cityscape by Jenny Robinson

Michael Oechsli’s Let Go

Among the abstract works, Erik Madsen’s Orinomo was handsome, as was Let Go, by Michael Oechsli. Tim Craighead’s Untitled print from the Vas Series was every bit as bold and entertaining as his paintings. I liked Whirlygig by Cynthia Ona Innis, and the drawing style of the fragmented images in La Regimentation des Piercings au Nombril by Kathy Aoki. Finally Mercy Smullen’s Here’s That Rainy Day was strong and simple, a bit stormy, and Robert Brady’s Telos was fine too!

Kathy Aoki pokes fun in La Reglamentation des Piercings au Nombril.

Make a point to see the Monotype Marathon show at the San Jose ICA next year!

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