Julia Jacobson at di Moda: A Blending of the Arts
by Chris Hofer Borror, Summer, 2008

What do a hair stylist and a sculptor have in common? At first you might think they share very little, but upon closer examination just the opposite is true.

Amber Lopez (left) and Julia Jacobson in front of Jacobson’s work at di Moda

First let’s go from generalities to specifics: The talented sculptor is Julia Jacobson, whose gestural cast aluminum and Styrofoam works have been featured at various Bay Area locations including Bloomingdale’s in Stanford Shopping Center, the Steve Wozniak Estate in Los Gatos, and the Camden Community Center, as well as the Institute of Contemporary Art and the Triton Museum.

The gifted hair stylist in question is Amber Lopez, who owns and operates the chic diModa Salon in downtown Willow Glen. At diModa (where the mission statement is hair, art, ambiance) Amber chooses one local artist every three months to display his or her work. This in essence turns this hair salon into something like a Parisian art salon.

When you enter diModa, two things are readily apparent. First, there are many great hair stylists here who seem to turn working with hair into an art form. Second, the salon is filled with many interesting pieces of artwork, which is where Julia comes in.

Right now Julia is the featured artist at diModa. Her current works (collectively called Shibui, which can mean irregularity of form and openness to nature) consist of loose white sculptural forms that hang from the ceiling and fill the front window. Julia’s work is graceful and exquisite, and as you view these pieces you are filled with a sense of calmness and serenity.

Walk into diModa and what is most impressive is how well Julia’s work blends into the salon, making one feel that if her sculptures weren’t there something would be missing. Which brings us back to what Amber and Julia have in common: They are both intuitive artists and creative spirits whose beautiful work enhances and complements each other. Treat yourself to a visit to diModa Salon at 1060 Lincoln Avenue in the Willow Glen district of San Jose and you won’t be disappointed.


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