New Prints 2011/Spring
Selected by Trenton Doyle Hancock

Call for Entries Deadline – March 4, 2011

In keeping  with our mission to promote the greater appreciation and understanding of the  fine art print, IPCNY presents a selection of new prints three to four times  per year. New Prints 2011/Spring will be the 39th New Prints  Exhibition, the 4th in IPCNY’s new Gallery at 508 West 26th St, Rm. 5A, and  one of IPCNY’s 10th Anniversary Season events.  Please submit to this special exhibition!  Criteria  for selection are:

Only original fine art (limited edition and unique) prints are eligible; reproductions of other artwork such as drawings or paintings are not acceptable.
Selections will represent a broad diversity of sources, geographical and otherwise.
Prints must have been completed within a year of the submission deadline.

Each Spring, in a variation from our usual  six-member Selections Committee, IPCNY invites an individual to review the New  Prints submissions.  We are pleased to  announce that the acclaimed artist and printmaker Trenton Doyle Hancock has  agreed to make the selections for this round.   Doyle Hancock’s work was selected for the Whitney Biennial in 2000 and  2002, and is included in the collections of numerous major art museums across  the country; in 2009 he was featured in a solo exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum.

THERE IS NO ENTRY FEE. Independent artists, workshops, publishers and dealers  are all welcome to submit recently completed print projects. Please refer to  the Submission Guidelines below.
All artists whose work has been selected will be  notified by phone or email.  If you have not received word by March 18,  2011, check the “what’s new” section of IPCNY’s website for the list of artists  included.  PLEASE DO NOT CALL US.  Selected artists will be responsible for shipping  their work to IPCNY; IPCNY will cover the cost of return delivery within  reason. Due to the increased number of international submissions being  selected, IPCNY can only contribute $50 dollars on return shipments overseas. Packaging must be provided by the lender for  work being shipped outside of New York  City.  With this  39th presentation of New Prints, IPCNY continues its role as an  important venue for the rotating display of exciting contemporary fine art  prints. We look forward to seeing your recent projects.

*NOTE*: Please follow the guidelines when  preparing your materials, or your submission may be disqualified.

Materials must be received by March 4, 2011
All    submissions must contain an image list, included as a .doc, .txt, or .pdf on the CD, as well as a hard copy printout.    The list should be presented as follows:

Title    the list document file: artist last_artist first.doc
The    list must be headed with the name of the submitter and complete contact    information: address, phone number and email address. Publishers, please    include a new form for each artist submitted.
Each    list entry should be numbered corresponding to the number on the digital    images. The list should include: Entry number, artist’s name (first last), title,    date completed, medium, edition size, dimensions: (Length x Width in    inches) plate    size, paper size, printer, publisher.


1)     John Smith

Love Song, 2009

Lithograph with chine collé. Edition: 25

Plate: 25″ x 25″, Paper: 30″    x 30″

Printed    by Editions, Inc.

Published by the artist


Send images in digital format on    a CD (no DVDs) labeled with the submitter’s name. DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL ARTWORK, ENCLOSE    BINDERS, FOLDERS, OR ANY MATERIALS OTHER THAN CD AND IMAGE LIST. A maximum of    five works per artist is allowed. There is no size limit.


Images  must be clear, professionally presented, and accurately represent the    work. Images must be in jpeg format, the largest dimension (length or width)    should be 1000 pixels.
Image    resolution must be set at 72 dpi.
Name    each image as follows: artist’s last  name_first name_entry number.
(For example; smith_john_01.jpg
Mail to: IPCNY, New  Prints Program, 508 West 26th    Street, Room 5A, New York, NY 10001

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