Call to Artists, Musicians, and Slam Poets
The Round, a Seattle based arts/music event, is coming to San Jose!

What is The Round?
Well, the audience is seated in a cafe-esque setting and very respectful. (This ain’t no bar scene!) The stage is shared between artists, musicians, and slam poets. The artists are gallery level. The poets are of the top in the community. And the musicians are unique, and talented. (This ain’t no open mic!)

The Curator comes out to the stage and introduces the performers, and as the music starts, the painters start painting, with poets on stage between musicians. The Round is coming to San Jose for a spring event, and we are seeking performers!
If you are interested in performing, read further!

Send a brief bio, a brief resume, and 3 images of current work under 3M to Be sure to include any links where you can be found on the web.

Send a brief bio, a brief resume, any social media links, and links to where your music may be heard, to Some collaboration with other musicians may be necessary.

Send a brief bio, a brief resume, social media links, and enclose 3 poems in the body of your email, to

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