Christopher Baker – offscript, 2010-Santana Row

by Kevin Powers

“Today’s Question: What is your dream for the future?”

Christopher Baker’s offscript at Santana Row, photo by Kevin Powers

 The intersection of Stevens Creek and Santana Row is always clogged with cars, and pedestrians clamoring to either spend or drool in the upscale shopping district. Strangely, Santana Row does not appear to be hit by the recession, the sidewalks are crowded, the stores busy, and the restaurants to capacity, not to mention parking, which before 10 pm is challenging. offscript, is an interactive projected work that is heavily reliant on participation, which I think is challenging both in our time and more specifically the location where the work is installed. This is not a bad thing, far from it, Baker uses laptops connected via Wi-Fi to upload the drawings or typed phrases, it is charming, engaging, entertaining and offers the casual passerby an opportunity to create a drawing or a phrase that others can enjoy almost immediately, that is if they notice.  

Passers-by interacting with Christopher Baker’s offscript  photo by Kevin Powers

The challenge of having this artwork at Santana Row is getting the attention of the public. Even though the projection is gigantic, it is not always noticed, when they do, it is met with genuine surprise and interest. The artwork solicits participation through a variety of means, “Participants will be asked to submit their thoughts using social media technologies such as Facebook and Twitter alongside live SMS and voice-based interaction.” This means you can participate from your home or office, or anyplace for that matter. This ambitious project seems to have garnered good response in terms of participation and online presence, could the project continue to other shopping malls or public environments… quite possibly, so look up it may be right in front of you?

Christopher Baker’s offscript at Santana Row for ZERO1 photo by Kevin Powers

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