A View from South Hall
By Patrick Lydon

After two weeks of on-site preparation by hundreds of artists from over 20 countries, the 01SJ Biennial of art and technology is ready to be unleashed into the streets of downtown San Jose. This year marks the third Biennial event in San Jose, and the first to have a comprehensive theme, “build your own world”.

View of South Hall for 01SJ 2010

The biennial officially runs from Thursday 10/16 – Sunday 10/19, although today (Wednesday) features admission-free sneak peaks for members of the public who wander to the San Jose Convention Center’s South Hall, where artists are still in the process of finishing their works such as a Tomato Quintet, a de-composition-style musical work from farmer/musician Chris Chafe, and OutRun, a vintage SEGA racing arcade game is in the process of being mounted onto a working vehicle by artist Garnet Hertz.

Garnet Hertz Outrun, 01SJ 2010

Other interactive events range from a drive-in theater, pre-populated with old junked cars (Todd Chandler, Jeff Stark), to a superman zipline over parking lot wetlands (Natalie Jeremijenko, Fletcher Studio), to mobile islands roaming the city streets, encouraging you to write your own message in a bottle (Nova Jiang).
Several public buildings will also become exhibits this week, including a 18-story interactive wall of digital art created by the Rockwell Group LAB, projected onto the San Jose City Hall beginning Friday, and while you’re there, don’t miss out on the musical soundscape of Ken Gregory’s wind, coil, sound, flow filling the City Hall Rotunda.

Todd Chandler and Jeff Stark:  Empire Drive In

There are literally hundreds of other interactive artworks around the city as well as other spots in the San Francisco bay area. My guess is that it will take at least the entire weekend to see it all.
For a complete schedule, visit 01SJ.org

(All photographs courtesy of Patrick Lydon)

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