Build Your Own World: 2010 01SJ Biennial Workshops

By Denise Bennett

Don’t You Feel It? The Vibes of Zero1 Permeate Downtown San Jose –Get into it on Friday 9/17/2010!

The 2010 01SJ Biennial: Build Your Own World is just around the corner with the main event taking place between September 16 – 19, 2010. However, if you’re anything like me, two weeks may just be too long to wait. As part of Out of the Garage Into the World, the biennial is hosting a dozens of workshops, and I’ve selected a few that I think are too fantastic to pass up, and on top of that, they’re all free! Some of the workshops will be held on multiple dates, but others are one time only. Here are a few workshops that I would recommend:

MTAA’s All Raise This Barn,  West Performance Workshop to be offered Saturday: 9/11/2010

–       Chico MacMurtie’s Inflatable Architectural Growth Workshop, Wednesday, 9/8/10 – Tuesday, 9/14/10, 11am-7pm: Ever pondered what it would be like to construct a robot inflatable? This hands-on workshop hosted by Chico MacMurtie will teach you about all the technical odds and ends that go in to producing an Inflatable Architectural Growth. With your help, the final project will be installed along South First Street from September 16-19, 2010.

–       Kitchen Budapest’s BYMM Discovery Trip, Wednesday, 9/8/10, 10am-5pm: The BYMM team will take you out to explore the area surrounding South Hall and beyond. Participants will share their experiences and knowledge of the area, and take photos. This experience feeds into the second workshop where those photos will in turn be turned into animations so that you can Create Your Own Street View.

–       Eyebeam Roadshow’s Learn: Greasemonkey & Make Your Own Firefox Plugins, Three-day workshop: Friday, 9/17/10, 5:30-7pm and Saturday, 9/18/10 – Sunday, 9/19/10, 3:30-5pm: This workshop will teach you how to do things to web pages after they load. For example replacing dollars with barrels of oil (, ads with art (, or, say, every mention of Eddie Van Halen with a picture of him flying through the air. Prerequisites: Javascript or other scripting or programming language experience. Eyebeam Roadshow will be hosting other workshops with different themes at various dates and times.

Open Solar Circuits: Make an ecologically sound world!

–       MTAA’s All Raise this Barn, West Performance Workshop, Saturday, 9/11/10, 11am-7pm: A commercially-available barn-building kit acts as the starting point, but MTAA and their group of volunteers — perhaps including yourself — will use the results of web-based polling, input from the general public, constructional improvisation, sweat and maybe even some tears, to raise a barn, or a barn-ish sculptural object, or a… well… something. This is a one-day only event of community creation and construction which will probably have a little deconstruction thrown in too. Participants should wear work or active gear (jeans, boots, sneakers) that they’re not afraid to get paint on.

–       DreamAddictive presents the OpenSolarCircuits Production Workshop, multiple dates and times: OpenSolarCircuits is composed of a series of nine, on-site workshops with experimentation on different open-hardware techniques. These techniques are hosted in a public access repository, where tutorials and materials for the reproduction of techniques, circuits and work methodologies (know-how) can be found. The framework’s main focus is to provide artists, designers and people interested in technologies and sustainability issues, with intuitive tools, supporting the production of knowledge in Spanish.

–       Marcus Young and Grace Minnesota’s Don’t you feel it too?, Friday, 9/17/10, 5:30-7:30pm: Unlike the other workshops listed above, this project will be part of AbsoluteZERO. Don’t you feel it too? Invites you to find your inner freedom in public!  This workshop encapsulates a mind-body practice of liberating the spirit through dancing our inner life in public places.  It is purposeful self-embarrassment and an aspiring spiritual technology based in “do-it-yourself” public performance. Bring your music player, make a play list, and your dancing shoes – it’s time to hit the streets and dance your socks off.

Denise Bennett is a Zero1 enthusiast and promoter who is been working with the organization through a couple of festivals.

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