DIY Solar Sculptures
part of the solarCircus project by Tiffany Holmes, see

Go green and make small sculptures that twitch and move using only sunlight!
Dive into the world of do-it-yourself “ecotech” in this two-hour workshop that
invites participants to “hack” a solar toy and re-use the moving parts in
one-of-a-kind objects.

Available Workshops:

1. Sunday, 9/5/10, 2-4pm
2. Friday, 9/10/10, 5-7pm
3. Thursday, 9/16/10, 5-7pm
4. Friday, 9/17/10, 11am-1pm
5. Friday, 9/17/10, 5-7pm
6. Saturday, 9/18/10, 5-7pm

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