Please join us as we welcome San Fernando Corridor Artist Robin Lasser at ZER01 Art and Technology Network. Lasser is Professor of Art at San Jose State University. Lasser produces photographs, video, sound, site-specific installations and public art dealing with social and environmental issues. Lasser often works in a collaborative mode with other artists, writers, students, public agencies, community organizations, and international coalitions (exemplified by her work in Egypt as a Fulbright Scholar) to produce art and promote public dialogue. Lasser’s work is published and exhibited internationally. Current projects include “Dress Tents: Nomadic Wearable Architecture” a fusion of architecture, the body and the land played out through living sculpture, moving images and still photography with Adrienne Pao.

During the 01SJ Biennial Lasser along with artist Marguerite Perret will have installed the “Floating World” along the 87 Underpass along the Guadalupe river basin. According to Lasser, “ The installation site embodies a niche; river, road and air that supports migration of humans, birds and fish. This corridor also references a site for potential displacement of animals and people. The site provides fertile grounds to explore the connections, balance and adaptations that humans and animals make to our built world and to share these explorations, in a very public way, on site, with locals, travelers, students, and experts in the field.”
Event Details:

Wednesday, August 25

5:30pm – 7:30pm

ZER01’s HQ (152 N. 3rd St., San Jose)

If you can’t join us in-person: this ZSalon will be broadcast on UStream.

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