I would like all of you to start thinking about art for HALLOWEEN! This year’s theme is “Night of the Living Donut”, so anything havingto do with zombies, skeletons, halloween, monsters, etc.

We are looking for really any art that is in the spirit of Halloween, so anything with monsters, ghouls, day of the dead, etc. would be great! You don’t have to include any zombies or donuts if you don’t want to. Please make art that inspires you and have fun with it!

All art should be labeled on the back with:
artist’s name

Please send me this info in an email ahead so that I can make labels.
Psycho Donuts takes 35% of commission of art sold so keep this in mind when pricing.

Art Due: Sept. 20th or sooner

Art reception: ? Still need to figure out a date

Art will be up until Nov. 5th

****If you would like to change out your current art with new art (any theme) soon, before the Halloween
art is due, please drop it off at Psycho Donuts and pick up your current art. Email me to let me know you will changing your art.

Call or email me if you have questions: 408.425.3180


Chrinstine Benjamin

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