One month to SJ Zero1 Biennial Art Festival !
Submit your 5 min. video addressing this year’s theme “Build Your Own World”
to project on the sails of ART ARK GALLERY’s ‘mobile ark’ on Friday, September 17th at the Absolute Zero Art Festival in downtown SoFA (South First Street Arts District)

ART ARK GALLERY seeks Artist/s who are interested in submitting a 5 min. video that addresses this year’s Zero1 Art Festival theme of “Build Your Own World.” The video shorts will be compiled into a montage that will be projected onto the sails of a 14 ft. illuminated ‘ark’ that will be a part of the Absolute Zero Art Festival on Friday, September 17th 6pm-midnight.

In order for Art Ark Gallery to have a presence in this year’s Absolute Zero Art Festival on South First Street in San Jose, Resident Curator of Art Ark Gallery, Valerie Raps, has fabricated a 14 ft. long ark constructed of steel, wood, and canvas that will be placed on San Salvador and First St. The public will be invited to journey through the interior of the illuminated ark and manipulate shadow puppets against the walls of the vessel with Master Puppeteer, Judy Roberto, while outside, a video montage will be projected on the sails above.

Chosen artist(s) will have the honor of being recognized at an internationally acclaimed art and technology biennial. The ‘ark’ and its exhibiting video artists will be promoted on Art Ark Gallery’s Website, SoFF Website and announcement postcards.

Deadline for submissions must be postmarked by Monday, Sept. 6th, or hand delivered by Sunday, September 10th. Selected videos will be compiled onto a DVD and formatted into a continuous loop that can repeat throughout the evening of the event.

Submission Requirements: Please submit video shorts of no more than 5 min. in length on a CD or DVD. Videos should have the title of the short (if applicable) and Artist’s name embedded in the video at the beginning of the short. Text time should not exceed 5 seconds in length. Please write your name on the CD/DVD, and on a separate piece of paper please include your name, email and phone number where you can best be reached. Please send submissions to:

Valerie Raps, Resident Curator
Art Ark Gallery, Leasing Office
1058 S. 5th Street
San Jose, CA 95112

If you have any questions please feel free to email Valerie Raps at

Art Ark Gallery

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