NEW LIFE RESIDENCY is the world’s first non-visual residency program for
artists. The residency is organized by Wooloo as a work of Manifesta 8, the
European Biennial of Contemporary Art, and will take place this fall in the
Region of Murcia, Spain.

For one week each, five artists will be selected to live and work in a dark,
visually distorted exhibition space. To support them in their life and work
for the week, the artist will collaborate with a local Murcian assistant who
is blind.

In cooperation with her/his assistant, the artist will use the one-week
residency to create a guided tour of the non-visual space and experience in
which s/he is living. The blind assistant will be the guide of this tour in
darkness and the tour will be open to the biennial audience.
Additional to the guided tour, the five selected concept proposals will
furthermore be exhibited in one of the main museum locations of Manifesta 8
and will be on view throughout the biennial from September 30th, 2010
(preview) to January 9th, 2011.

The five residency periods are:
September 27th to October 2nd, 2010
October 4th to October 9th, 2010
October 11th to October 16th, 2010
October 18th to October 23th, 2010
October 25th to October 30th, 2010

Artists are invited to apply for participation in the residency at

The deadline for work proposals is AUGUST 15th, 2010.

Wooloo (founded 2002) is a networked artist group operating through the
online community

Mixing digital communication with physical participation, Wooloo has
developed a working method based on the advocacy of collectivity. While the
Wooloo website currently connects the resources of more than 13.000 cultural
producers in 140 countries, the group’s various projects function as social
experiments in direct collectivism.

Wooloo projects have been presented in such places as Artists Space (USA),
Basel Kunsthalle (Switzerland) and the Third Guangzhou Triennial (China).

For more information, please see: and or contact Sixten Kai Nielsen, +45 6166 1566,

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