Wow Cool, in conjunction with Psycho Donuts, is embarking on an exciting new project in the next couple of months – and you‚Äôre invited to participate. They will be assembling a completely demented 2011 calendar that will be stuffed full with art… and nurses… psycho nurses. And Zombie Nurses. And of course‚Ķ donuts.

“PSYCHO NURSE! The Psycho Donuts 13-Month 2011 Calendar” is due for release this August/September 2010.
This is a 12″x12″ full color calendar. And trust me, it will be quite mad.

Psycho Donuts has been a great supporter of local artists and has hosted a fine rotating collection. Maybe some of your work was sold at Psycho Donuts?

Art images, lots of em. Most of the pieces will be quite small (those little squares on the calendar where there is no date that month). We also need ones that can have isolated figures to float over odd bits of the photos and layout. Anything of a horror/zombie/psycho theme is most welcome. Nothing too gory (we are promoting food here). Color art is prefered. Don’t go crazy and create something new. We are looking for art that you’ve already done that might need a home or a new showcase. We also need as many pictures as we can get (up to 13) of werewolves howling at the full moon. We are printing 2,000 of these initially ‚Äì more, if we sell out by November.

Please get a high resolution scan of any art you want to contribute and the attached agreement to me by June 1, 2010

For each piece of art used, you get three copies of the calendar (retail value $13.00 + lots of coupons, which are great if you are near Campbell) up to fifteen copies total. Of course, we will reference your work accordingly in the calendar as well.

If you want to participate, please send Marc Arsenault your art via email or CD (or use and complete and return the attached artist agreement. You can print and fill out the form and either fax or mail it, or you can digitally sign the agreement in Adobe Acrobat and email it back. Please make all files print-ready – 300DPI CMYK in any of the usual popular formats is best. Feel free to contact Marc with any questions.

More info on Psycho Donuts:
Marc Arsenault, Wow Cool
(408) 813-5919
(650) 240-0144 fax

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