PLAND (Practice Liberating Art through Necessary Dislocation) is thrilled to announce their inaugural residency and invite you to apply. Please take some time to download and review the residency overview and application and consider applying to the program from our website:

PLAND is a rather unusual context and what we offer through this residency is an immersive opportunity for spirited, gritty, and very real daily existence. We invite you to consider visiting our tiny parcel of land near Taos, New Mexico. Not only will a residency offer you the direct experience of living off-the-grid, but it will also invite new ways of thinking, making, seeing and collaborating.

Please note that the application deadline is May 10th and due via email.

Pass it on! In circulating this application information, we are also creating a social network of like-minded people. While PLAND can only choose one resident or collective for the 2010 season, they would still like to know who you are and how you’d like to participate in this endeavor. If you like what PLAND is up to, let them know! Join the email list, follow their blog, and befriend them on Facebook. … let’s make something happen!

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