My name is Athena Lorente, I’m a San Jose city college art student.

On Saturday April 17 from 2:00- 5:pm in Room F2 and Room F4 we are having a Reception with lots of food, but we are also trying to collect petitions to save our classes and teachers. We are protesting the drastic cuts to the art program, and want everybody to know we need your support. We are contacting the Media to enlist their support.

Last Saturday our teachers, Mike and Joy Ellner announced to the classes that the school decided to cut all of their classes, and with that they are probably not going to teach anymore. They have been teaching the Friday/Saturday classes for about 16 years at SJCC (Art 12, 14, 60, 61, 76 and 98).

We the students are very upset about the whole situation because the school is just cutting classes without getting the student’s input. We are the most affected. We want to maintain and retain at least some of these classes and our teachers. We need to let our be voices heard! Please come to the rally on Saturday.

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