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2010 Fine Art Jury announcement: the five members of the jury are now posted on our web site and also listed below:
Joan Moment – Painting (Division 400)
Professor Emeritus Moment taught painting and other art courses at Califiornia State University, Sacramento. She earned her B.S. at the University of Connecticut and her M.F.A. at the University of Colorado. Her exhibition credits begin with the Whitney Biennle in the 1970’s to her most recent exhibitions running simultaniously in San Francisco and Sacramento in 2009. Her work is in numerous museum and private collections in the U.S.

Chris Daubert – Other 2-D Artworks (Division 405)
Professor Daubert is Director of the Gregory Kondos Gallery at Sacramento City College where he also teaches art in several disciplines. He earned his B.A. and M.A. at California State University, San Jose and h is M.F.A. at the University of California, Davis. His solo and group exhibition credits include Central, Bar Area and Southern galleries and museums as well as venues in Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Michigan and Mexico City.

Robin Hill – Sculpture (Division 410) and Recycle (Division 435)
Professor Hill teaches sculpture and drawing as well as special topics courses at the University of California, Davis. She is represented in New York by Lennon-Weinberg, Inc and her work has been shown in New York, the San Francisco, Los Angeles, as well as other California cities, including San Jose, Davis, and Sacramento. She is the recipient of two Pollock-Krasner Foundation Awards, two New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowships, a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship and a Davis Humanities Institute Fellowship. Her work has been reviewed in the New York Times, Art Forum, Art in America, Arts, Art and Antiques, Review Magazine, The Village Voice, New York Magazine and the New Yorker and has been the subject of numerous catalog essays.

Kurt Fishback – Photography (Division 420)
Currently teaching photography at American River College in Sacramento, Professor Fishback earned his A.A. in Fine Art at Sacramento City College, his B.F.A. at San Francisco Art Institute and his M.F.A. at University of California, Davis. Well known in Central California for his many appearances on PBS affiliate KVIE, he has been involved in over 90 solo exhibitions and 230 group exhibitions. His artworks are in more than 200 Public, Private and Corporate collections.

Dr. Daniel J. Frye – Fine Craft (Division 430) and Themes (Division 435)
Dr. Frye is the Chair of the Art Department and teaches courses in Art Education, Jewelry and Art Appreciation at California State University in Sacramento. He received his B.S.ed. and M.ed. in art education from Millersville University in Pennsylvania and earned his Ph.D. in Teaching and Curriculum from Syracuse University (1991) where he was awarded an African American Studies Fellowship, the Burton Blatt Scholarship, and the Syracuse University Fellowship. Dr. Frye has exhibited in many national and regional juried competitions.


Division 400 – Painting
Class 1: Oils Class 2: Acrylics
Class 3: Watercolor Class 4: Plein Air (any media)
Notes: Class 3 includes brushed ink artworks. Artworks in Class 4 should have been 90% completed en plein air.

Division 405 – Other 2-D Artworks
Class 1: Drawing Class 2: Pastels
Class 3: Color Pencil Class 4: Printmaking
Class 5: Collage Class 6: Mixed Media
Class 7: Digital Art
Note: Entries in Class 4 must be signed and numbered limited editions. Class 7 artworks created entirely using computer hardware and software. Accepted entries in Class 7 will be displayed as prints or other physical depiction and are subject to the rules for display of 2-dimensional works.

Division 410 – Sculpture
Class 1: Single Medium sculpture Class 2: Mixed Media sculpture
Class 3: Assemblage Class 4: Rube Goldberg
Note: Artworks primarily composed of a single material are considered to be single medium. Rube Goldberg sculpture is a deliberately over-engineered device that does a simple task in a complex way.

Division 420 – Photography
Class 1: Black and White Photographs
Class 2: Color Photographs
Class 3: Alternative Process
Notes: Digital photographs, unless excessively manipulated by software, may be submitted in Classes 1, 2, or 3. Manipulated or excessively modified digital photographs should be entered in Division 405 Class 7. Indicate on entry form the specific photographic process used for each entry: i.e. gelatin silver, color, ilfochrome, chromogenic, gum bichromate, hand-colored, etc. Class 3 includes hand-colored black and white photographs, pinhole photography, photograms and other alternative photography methods.

Division 425 – Fine Craft
Class 1: Ceramics
Class 2: Glass
Class 3: Jewelry / Small Metals / Enameling
Class 4: Fiber/Textiles
Class 5: Wood
Notes: Sets shall be considered as one entry. Class 1 includes vessels and wall-hung items not considered sculpture but does not include china painting or decoration of stock ceramic items. Class 2 includes stained glass but does
not include painting or decoration of stock glass items. Class 3 excludes items made entirely from stock beads, entries must be 70% hand crafted. Class 4 includes paper.

Division 430 – Themes
Class 1: Equine and Western Art
Class 2: The Art of Culture
Class 3: The Art of Wine
Class 4: Passport to Adventure
Notes: Artworks entered in these classes may be 2-D or 3-D.

Division 435 – Recycle
Class 1: 2-Dimensional
Class 2: 3-Dimensional
Notes: Entries must be 85% recycled materials.

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