This group exhibition is comprised of the following twenty local artists working in a variety of mediums; some of which have chosen to exhibit works from their archives while others have reached into the recesses of their memories to create new works that address the concept of stored content.

Artist: Jason Adkins, Misty Albrecht, Michael Buscemi, Christine Canepa, Ryan Carrington, Ed Clapp, Joseph Cowart, Jessica Eastburn, Chris Elliman, Erik Friedman, Andrew Hedges, Melody Kennedy, Lillia Panighetti, Valerie Raps, Fanny Retsek, Judy Roberto, Erin Salazar, Susan Shoffstall, Ema Sintamarian and Amelia Whitcomb.
Art Ark Gallery is located on the Art Ark Apartments property, a thriving Artisan Village in the heart of the Martha Gardens Arts District. Since October 2006 Art Ark Gallery has been featuring the work of local artists in one-person shows and group exhibitions. Art Ark Gallery’s mission is to provide a space where emerging artists can explore possibilities and engage the public. Selected artists experience the entire process of exhibiting art, from submitting a proposal and signing contracts, to planning exhibition design, installing the art, adjusting lighting, and restoring the gallery to its original state.

Resident Curator, Valerie Raps, continuously reviews and selects proposals with cohesive themes revolving around a medium or addressing a concept. There is no fee for submitting a proposal or exhibiting. Valerie’s role as curator is to assist and support the exhibiting artist with web promotion, exhibition design, art labels and lighting. In addition, the gallery provides the exhibiting artist with 500 announcement cards as well as food and refreshments for the opening reception.

Exhibitions run two weeks in length, with a week to install and a week to uninstall. Opening receptions are held on the first Friday of every month.

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