The Sketchbook Project Monthlies are similar to the big Sketchbook Projects but without all the pressure. Each month there is a theme voted on by the community and then you will have two months to work on your book. The books are smaller with less pages and allow for you to use this as an opportunity to try out new things, tighten up your skills, or just have fun. All the sketchbooks we get back will be included in the permanent collection of the Brooklyn Art Library where anyone can come in and look through the pages of your sketchbook!

This month’s theme is “This is where I live. As always, the theme is just a starting point. Don’t feel held down by the theme, just have fun with it! Sign up by: Mar 31, 2010. For submission information go to:

On display

With the Sketchbook Monthlies, there is no set exhibition. They will always be available for viewing at The Brooklyn Art Library and any future exhibitions inside of it. As soon as we get your book back, we will get it out on the library’s shelves so people can start browsing through it. We’ll send you an email letting you know your book is up on the shelf and we will even tell you where it is in the library! Also, starting on April 1st, you can sign up to get an email every time someone reads your sketchbook either in the library or on a tour!

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