Eblast-Tours10.JPGThe Djerassi Program’s highly popular “Walk in the Wild” Sculpture Tours begins in March 2010! Come see the wilds of Djerassi’s SMIP Ranch on a Two-Mile Tour led by Djerassi Program staff, or splurge on a Director’s Tour and bring your lunch to tour and picnic with our Executive Director Dennis O’Leary. Six, Two-Mile Tours and Five, Directors Tours are available. Public registration starts on Wednesday, March 10, 2010, starting at 9am. Djerassi Program Members may begin registering on Wednesday, March 3rd, at 9am.

Two-Mile Tour registration is free and limited to 2 places for the General Public. Djerassi Program Members may register for 4 places. Director’s Tours registration is $50 for the General Public and $40 for Djerassi Program Members.

Registration is required. To register call us at (650) 747-1250 starting at 9am on Wednesday, March 10. Tour Information and Membership Information can be found at www.djerassi.org.

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