SOMArts Cultural Center, 934 Brannan Street, San Francisco, will be presenting a panel discussion on “Politics and the History of Printmaking”, Saturday, February 20 at 3:00pm. The panel is in conjunction with the current exhibition, Prints Byte.

The program features Art Hazelwood, Robert Flynn Johnson, Steve Lopez as panelists and Don Farnworth the moderator.

Prints Byte surveys the field of contemporary Bay Area printmaking and presents an expanded definition of what constitutes a print today. This body of work features some of today’s innovative digital technologies, shapes and transforms the boundaries of printmaking, moving the notion from the conventional concept of two dimensional works on paper into a new realm of immersive environments, installation, video and sculpture. By employing new digital tools, Prints Byte showcases the depth of local contemporary talents and practices in terms of emerging aesthetics and subversive political content.

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