Layla Foruhi and other San Jose women gathered to share their stories about how to make change in San Jose. As they did so Layla said it became evident that San Jose really needed something to unite the women-based, queer-based and ally organizations in San Jose; and to really focus on Latina and Vietnamese women who make up such a large portion of our local community. Hence, the group formed the SOUTH BAY WOMEN’S NETWORK.

The women agreed that the first “something to help unite” would be the International Women’s Day March on Saturday, March 6. This will be the first ever International Women’s Day March in San Jose, CA. The march will begin at 11 am at Roosevelt Park and end at the Bibliotecha Latino Americana at 1 pm., where a resource fair will run to 4 pm.

If you are interested or able to help in part of activism from all the different circles we represent (and the power of these circles to connect and exchange) please contact Layla at

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