Blue Tangerine Art Advisors is currently seeking submissions from figurative sculptors working in a transparent medium (eg. resin, cast acrylic or glass) for a new sculpture commission project. Please see below for specifications. We are accepting requests for interviews through March 1, 2010, and will be interviewing artists in March.

We are open to a creative solution and wish to interview artists that can fulfill on the project in its entirety or as part of a phased approach. For example, we are open to working with artists who can create a figurative mold, which can then be fabricated in the appropriate medium by a second party.


Style: figurative model of a healthy, fit male. Style is representational.
Mood: healthy, fit male with futuristic mood.
Pose / Gesture: Full figure standing firm or taking a step forward.Artist sketches requested for approval of stance and gesture.
Medium: transparent material, solid, durable, medium weight (e.g. cast acrylic, resin, glass)
Size: up to 18 inches tall (inc. plinth).
A maquette (scale model) to be delivered and client approved before production commences.
Quantity: ability to create an edition of up to 60 sculptures. It is anticipated that a mold or cast allows for multiple sculptures to be produced, either all at once or on demand, over 12-18 months.
Budget proposals are sought from the artist. Budget may be broken down to concept development (inc. sketches); maquette development; production (per unit cost as appropriate).

Other requirements:
Mathematical equations, supplied by the client, must be visible within or on the sculpture. Ideally these are white, and trapped within the medium and visible from the outside, but could also circle or cover the surface. Preferred but not required: equations are moving or animated.
Lighting: (Preferred but not required) ideally, each model is lit from below or within to highlight the equations.
Plinth: (Preferred but not required) each model is supported on a plinth that can carry a presentation plaque.

Artists – about you:
Artist experience: demonstrable track history; provide prior examples of similar sculptures; and has the ability to communicate process, issues and risks (if any) inherent in process and production schedule. References required.
Exclusivity: while the artist retains copyright, it is anticipated that any drawings, mold and sculpture edition will be reserved exclusively for client use.

For more information and to register your interest in applying for this commission, please download and complete the application form on our website.

Trudy Montgomery is the Art Advisor and Principal at Blue Tangerine Art. Her email is:

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