Well-known San Francisco, CA-based gallery owner, Micaela Van Zwoll, will give an interactive lecture focused on fine art glass buying and collecting on Sunday, January 8, 2010, from 6:00-8:00 p.m., at the Finn Center, Community School of Music & Arts, 230 San Antonio Circle, in Mountain View, CA. The lecture is presented by the Bay Area Glass Institute as part of its mission to make the celebration of glass art accessible to all, and to provide continued artistic and educational growth to artists, patrons and the community. ‚ÄúConnections, Culture, Collecting … A Contemporary View of Buying Art,‚Äù will provide both the novice and more experienced glass collector with insights on starting a glass collection as well as enhancing and/or expanding an existing one. The evening will begin with a reception featuring light hors d‚Äôoeuvres and wine, followed by the lecture and a questions and answers session. The lecture is open to the public, but space is limited so reservations are required. To RSVP or obtain more information, please contact BAGI at 408.993.2244, or visit the BAGI website: www.bagi.org.

A native of Berkeley, CA, Mica√´la Van Zwoll‚Äôs early education was formed in Europe and Southeast Asia, while following her vagabond parents around the world. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from San Francisco State University, and studied law at the University of San Francisco. In 1997, Mica√´la opened her eponymous gallery in San Francisco. Her exhibitions include collections of works by modern and contemporary masters, such as Picasso, Matisse, Nolde, Escher, Hamaguchi, Gilhooly, Lipton and Lipofsky, to annual monolithic presentations of glass sculpture, and esoteric digital essays. She’s shown work by emerging and mid-career artists, such as Martin Janecky, David Ruth, Susan Longini and Carol Lawton, and plans to collaborate with Bella Feldman, JP Long and Mark Leibowitz. Her personal collection includes works by emerging glass sculptors, drawings, paintings, video, and select mezzotint and woodblock prints. As a curator, she has presented exhibitions in Chicago, Miami, and New York. She has also juried auctions, provided museum assistance, and has been interviewed on public radio and television. For more information on Mica√´la Van Zwoll and her gallery visit: www.micaela.com

The mission of the Bay Area Glass Institute (BAGI) is to make the celebration of glass art accessible to all and provide continued artistic and educational growth to artists, patrons and the community. BAGI is the only public access glass-working facility in the Santa Clara County. A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, BAGI is funded in part by the City of San Jose and the Arts Council Silicon Valley. BAGI educates the public about glass art by teaching a variety of glass-working classes, offering tours of its facility, bringing in internationally renowned as well as local guest artists to conduct free public demonstrations and lectures. Every year, BAGI co-sponsors the Great Glass Pumpkin Patch® and hosts the annual Great Glass Auction. BAGI’s goal is to continue expanding its education and public access program offerings to artists and the general public. BAGI is located at 401 E. Taylor Street, Suite 115, San Jose, CA 95112. Phone: 408.993.2244; Email: studio@bagi.org; Web: www.bagi.org

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