San Jose ICA Honors Long-time ICA Supporter

by Kathryn Hetzner


photo, 2009, Kathryn Hetzner

It is seldom that one experiences a legacy, one is more often told, but last Saturday evening was one of these experienced moments. I was grateful to have been invited to photograph a tribute and celebration for Michele J. Scott, a former board member of the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art.

I did not know Michele but the voices that shared her past molded an image of her. Her passion for printing, her loyalty to friends and her endless enthusiasm touched those who knew her.

Many honored her by toasting to her endurance, her humor and her commitment to the ICA and the San Jose Art Community. Those who attended were invited to make a monotype in her name. Many drew objects—persimmons, oranges, and just about anything orange (Michele’s favorite color) onto small Plexiglas sheets that Print Center Director Fanny Retsek then printed as a monotype. People exchanged images and the drawn objects conjured up stories of Michele and her tireless spirit.

Michele was one of the driving forces behind the ICA Print Center and making sure it would be an open access studio created for the community; it was her dream and now it is her legacy. Though the generous contributions of her friends and family, the ICA Print Center’s Michele J. Scott Open Access program has been named in her honor. For more detailed information on the Print Center and the Open Access Program call the San Jose ICA at 408.283.8155, or visit the web page at:

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