BFA Show Walks Onto the Wild Side

by Erin Goodwin-Guerrero

The wild life and wildlife are both included in Jose Estrada’s energetic exhibition of the same name at San Jose State University. The multi-panel painting Full Bar, is the showcase work that really addresses a young painters existential search. Estrada says, ” The ‚ÄúWild Life‚Äù exhibition is a thought that has been running through my mind for sometime now. Life in itself is complex; there is this vibration to life and people with their animal-like behavior. I do this work to understand the ‚Äúwhy‚Äù in myself, but also to find redeeming qualities in my world. I would hope that through this search for a moral fiber, I can find a redeeming point to reality.”

Estrada does a terrific job of portraying the inevitable anthropomorphic behavior that can be observed in a pub. He likes to observe the human animal a bit like an anthropologist, psychologist and zoologist. “I see these beasts in their setting‚Ķ the inner being of a single person is this jungle of mixed images and untamed emotions‚Ķ I can depict things that may confuse and provoke the senses, with imagery that at is shocking, dramatic, haunting and sometimes even quietly reflective.” Indeed his bold painting style with pure pigments and intense color is full of raw life.

full bar2 estrada

Jose Estrada’s multi-panel painting Full Bar, 2009

Of all the works in the show, Full Bar is the most conceptually developed, and the most visually successful with all the fun and fundamentals of form one could hope for from a promising emerging painter.

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