The Black Bean Ceramic Art Center’s mission is create a working studio environment so artists can experience creative independence and have the opportunity to collaborate with others and connect to the community. The Art Center is co-owed by Ruben Reyes and Will John. The Black Bean Ceramic Art Center opened its doors to Bay area artists on October 12th. It‚Äôs located at 561 Emory Street (off Coleman between Taylor and Hedding) San Jose, CA 95110. The telephone is 408-642-5757 and the website will be launched shortly.

The art center is located in a 5,100 square foot building with easy access to major freeways, and 24 hour access for members. Black Bean Ceramic Art Center is membership-based and opened 24/7 so you can experience the art of working with clay whenever you feel inspired!

The center provides all the equipment: pottery wheels, kilns, slab rollers, extruders and an individual shelf for your work and much, much more. What’s more, members have the freedom to load and fire their pieces as well as buy and use the clay of their choice from our center or another vendor.

Stop by for a tour and let us answer all your questions. And the first 50 members can join at a reduced price!

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