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Posted by erin on November 28th, 2011

Hello Dear Readers of,

It is with regret that the Advisory Board of ARTSHIFT announces the end of our online coverage of the visual arts in Silicon Valley.  Our endeavor of four years, a labor of love, has been staffed entirely by volunteers and as we know, all good things have a natural life span.  We continue to believe strongly that the stories of artists and artwork in this geographic region have a great importance and much to contribute to the development and history of art.  We salute, the great faculty and students of Silicon Valley’s art schools, the dedicated museums and galleries, the Zero1 festival and all the imaginative individual artists that make up this community.  We especially want to thank all the wonderful and supportive individuals who have written for AFTSHIFT and those who have contributed funds to the ARTSHIFT AWARDS.

Hopefully, it will not be long before another online journal takes up the mission to report on the visual arts news of this area.  In the meantime, ARTSHIFT’s archives will remain accessible online.

Best of luck to all!

ARTSHIFT’s Advisory Board

Las cadre at Black Bean Ceramic Art Center

Posted by kfunk on November 8th, 2011

“General Eclectic: the first 5 years of las cadre

October 2-29, 2011

by Susannah Israel

Five years ago a group of Oakland artists met at the studio of Noelle Nakama for a potluck critique.  We have been meeting continuously ever since.  Founding members Jennifer Brazelton (SF), Michelle Gregor (Oakland), Susannah Israel (Oakland), Tom Michelson (SF), Noelle Nakama (San Leandro), Tomoko Nakazato (SF), Tiffany Schmierer (SF) and Shalene Valenzuela (Missoula, MT) exhibited ceramic artworks at the Black Bean Ceramic Art Center during October 2011.  They were joined by more recent las cadre members Saadi Shapiro and Chris Kanyusik, and painters Sterling Israel and Elaine Toland, all from Oakland.

Vigorous conversation is a vital and integral part of art practice for the las cadre group. Developing long-term relationships with each other’s artwork brings depth and insight to the critique process.  The insight and generosity of such dialogue is an invaluable tool for creative growth.  (A number of other groups have been inspired to form, such as the Clay Babes of Grass Valley.)  Common threads weave through the las cadre group: seven artists studied ceramics at San Francisco State University, three work at Merritt College, six more work or have worked at the Richmond Art Center.

"Desert Spring" by Elaine Toland
“Desert Spring” by Elaine Toland