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City Windows Gallery Shows One of Silicon Valley’s Claim to Fame

by Erin Goodwin-Guerrero


Stan Welsh offers a contemporary juxtaposition of formal visuals in the exhibition Earth•Bound

One of the outstanding branches of Silicon Valley’s clay artistry is ceramic sculpture. Most clay artists begin building traditional vessels. But figurative ceramic sculpture is equally important and significant in history, reflecting culture, values and lifestyle through centuries of production. Interpretation of every-day life, a depiction of the people and dignitaries sculpted with both reverent and satirical approaches in clay is a great tradition anthropologically. Even as there are many other media with which to observe and express impressions of our society today, artists still find the medium of clay a fundamental.


A Frenzy Fruckus of Form, Phallus Included

Posted by erin on March 30th, 2010

The Triton Museum of Art currently has on display works of the Santa Cruz artist Robert Chiarito in a show titled: In the Raw: New Work by Robert Chiarito.

By Andy Muonio


Installation view, Robert Chiarito exhibition at Triton Museum of Art

Triton Museum‚Äôs exhibition of Robert Chiarito‚Äôs work includes recent large oil paintings, monotypes and charcoal drawings. A charged and active theme of nude figures runs through the show. The earlier paintings are painted with a vibrant color palette in contrasts that create brilliance and at times vibrate like Op Art. The more recent works have a more subdued palette. In his statement Chiarito reveals that the charcoal drawings are begun with rubbings of the artist’s studio floor and the paintings are derived from random marks, all to activate the subconscious and begin a dialogue with the work, and to ultimately form his figures.


Robert Chiarito’s Hot to Trot and below, Tiff