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Posted by erin on September 15th, 2008

Walter Bischoff Brings His Artist Stable to Mt. San Antonio College By Erin Goodwin-Guererro

In 1988 Walter Bischoff opened his Stuttgart gallery, and soon after, another gallery in Berlin. In 1997, he converted the Knight’s Hall of an old castle in Zell, Germany, in the Black Forest into a Museum. Bischoff is proud to note that this museum was established exclusively with private funds. The Villa Haiss Museum boasts a collection of international art that represents some of Germany’s most fascinating contemporary artists: Beuys, Bazelitz, Penk, Richter. There are some big name American artists in the collection too: Warhol, Dine, and Mel Ramos, Cindy Sherman.

Walter Bischoff with a Valerie Koshlyakov sculpture in the barn-studio at his San Jose ranch.

Valerie Koshlyakov is part of the collection, of course, as he is one of Bischoff’s stable. Now an important artist of international stature, Koshlykov is one of Bischoff’s “discoveries.” In 1992, Bischoff took a group of his artists to show in Moscow in the Soviet environment, There, he met Koshlyakov who could not get art materials and was working on the sheets of cardboard that have become more or less his trademark. Bischoff became Koshlyahov’s patron, mentor and representative to the Western art world, and to this day maintains a watchful eye over his life. Bischoff is unique among gallerists in the supportive role he assumes towards his artists. He lives his life largely for the advancement of their careers. (more…)


Posted by erin on September 8th, 2008

The Landscape in Its Many Dimensions
By Erin Goodwin-Guerrero

Just about every year Walter Bischoff sends someone from his stable of artists in Germany to San Jose, California, to paint in the barn/studio of his quaint farm retreat on Aborn Road, high in the hills overlooking Santa Clara Valley. At the end of several sequestered months’ work, the new art is often inaugurated in the galleries at San Jose State University’s School of Art and Design.

Thomas Henninger’s Gebirge 8

This summer, Berlin artist Thomas Henninger arrived in San Jose to spend five months producing the The Extension of the Landscape. Henninger is graduate of the University of Halle, Germany where he studied painting with Otto Möhwald and Ute Pfluge.

Henninger’s Gebirge 5.1



Posted by erin on September 8th, 2008

City Windows Gallery Shows Glass Art from BAGI
By Erin Goodwin-Guerrero

The new City Windows Gallery on the corner of 4th and Santa Clara, is a part of City Hall Wing. This is a gallery space that shows its contents to the public both day and night through windows that are continuously lit. Announcing San Jose’s determination to be an exemplary green city, and its commitment to the art and talent of local artists, curator Kathryn Funk first presented the work of San Jose artists who recycled materials in their work. In the second exhibition, Funk shows the colorful and beautifully crafted glass works of San Jose’s BAGI.

Jeremy Cline’s blown glass Bird of Paradise, 2002