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Posted by erin on June 3rd, 2008

San Jose Artists Participating in Zero1, By Julia Bradshaw

A handful of local artists received commissions to participate in ZERO1 this year and in anticipation of the four-day festival’s events I will highlight their involvement here.

SJSU graduate student, Sarah Lowe, is fabricating an inflatable and ephemeral 25-foot-tall monument titled Ice Age on Plaza de Cesar Chavez Park on Saturday night, June 7 2008. With a footprint of over 58 feet by 30 feet this inflatable iceberg and performative sculpture will anchor one end of the plaza from 2pm to 10pm and is probably best viewed at night. Construction of Ice Age is currently taking place in the Berkeley Repertory Theater’s scene shop in West Oakland.

Sarah Lowe and technical assistant Rachel Hospodar, seal the seams of Ice Age and project intern Ali Sajjadi measures the footprint for the Ice Age inflatable sculpture.

Photo credit: Sarah Lowe and Ali Sajjadi



Posted by erin on June 3rd, 2008

The Discovery Meadow, Comes Alive at Night in Pre-Zero1 2008 Festivities, by Tamara Alvarado, resident of Spartan Keyes, Martha Gardens

“You have to see the monkeys!” “Have you seen the monkeys?! “You HAVE to go to Discovery Meadows – there’s something crazy going on there!”

Peter Hudson’s Homorouboros, zoetrope with strobe lighting.

So off we went with a few friends – one drummer, two dancers and a writer – to go see about these monkeys. What we found and experienced is one of the highlights of the second biannual Zero1 Festival centered in downtown San Jose. The best way to describe the work is that it is a carousel (called a zoetrope) that combines delight and fear in your heart. The artists approached us and asked us to join them and play the electronic drums that “power” Homorouboros. We stood under the umbrella like structure and attempted to find a common beat. My drummer friend, Laxman, immediately found a beat and inspired us all to pick a drum and play. With the imposing, 24-foot-tall structure looming overhead, the drum beats reached a frenzied pace and the carousel began to move. The monkeys came alive with a strobe light effect and we witnessed magic! The monkeys swing from branch to branch, and are force fed an apple from a snake. It was both startling and delightful. Everyone stands at attention at the most unreal prospect of watching full-size monkeys “swing” in front of their eyes. For a few seconds, you are transported and forget that you are in the middle of the urban jungle. An artist present, Scary, introduced himself and talked to me about the piece and its travels through the Burning Man festival. At first, I was hesitant to talk to a grown man named “Scary” but five years of being MACLA’s executive director taught me to go with it. I appreciated his insight on this beautiful and innovative piece.

Homorouboros will be in the Discovery Meadow, on the corner of San Fernando Street and Woz Way through June 15th. I encourage you to experience it for yourself.

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Posted by erin on June 3rd, 2008

Joel Slayton, New Executive Director of Zero1
By Erin Goodwin-Guerrero

Joel Slayton in his SJSU Office

Zero1, San Jose’s signature biennale, is now entering its second incarnation as 01SJ, blending contemporary art with technology and pop culture. With his recent appointment as Executive Director, Joel Slayton moves from a behind the scenes to a major role in shaping the future of 01SJ. His goal is to make the only arts and technology festival in North America as big and well known in its focus as South by Southwest is for music, as critically acclaimed as Documenta for contemporary art, as intrenched as Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria.

Who is Joel Slayton? His more conservative colleagues at San Jose State University have affectionately called him a revolutionary and subversive. At times, his aesthetic in the context of a School of Art and Design has seemed inscrutable. Nevertheless, in the big picture of things, from Cadre (Computers in Art and Design, Research, and Education at SJSU) through DoWhatDo, to Zero1/Festival of Art on the Edge, Joel Slayton has to be seen as a scholar, a humanist, a visionary and a pioneer in the field of digital media, constantly redefining the advance limits of contemporary art.


Picks for the Best of SJ01

Posted by erin on June 1st, 2008

Artist rendering of Design for Urban Observatory by the artist team: Michael Herrman, Bruce Gardner and Ethan Miller. The interactive, mediated, experiential art piece will be open every night of the festival starting at 9 pm until midnight.

Looking Forward to Zero1
By Julia Bradshaw

The second ZERO1 Arts and Technology festival starts next Wednesday with the opening ceremonies at the Circle of Palms at 7:30pm.

Walk around the city this weekend and you will see artists and their volunteer teams getting ready for the festival. Look on the ZERO1 website ( and you will be overwhelmed with information about events. The best suggestion I can give you for the four-day festival is to grab a program from the Metro next week and get out of your car and walk from one end of San Jos√© to another. You will stumble across surprising artworks and San Jos√© will feel alive ‚Äì especially in the evenings. But if that suggestion is not concrete enough, I am offering a suggested itinerary for the 4 days of the arts festival ‚Äì but walk between each location and you will see much, much more than I have listed here. (more…)


Posted by erin on June 1st, 2008

San Jose ICA’s Fundraiser, 2008

by Julia Bradshaw

Artist Jenny Balisle examines her print assisted by Linda Stinchfield a volunteer from the Foothill College Print Studio.

On Saturday May 31st, artists and volunteers participated in a series of monotype print sessions in a variety of print studios throughout the Bay Area. This is a long-standing fundraising activity for the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art where sponsors fund the creative energy and time of artists in the creation of a small series of monotypes in exchange for an opening bid in a silent auction hosted by the ICA in July. (more…)