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Posted by erin on February 7th, 2008

Altered Objects at Santa Clara University
By Erin Goodwin-Guerrero

(UN)COMMON: THE ART OF ALTERED OBJECTS, presented by Renee Billingslea, is a selection of mostly small sculptural works by five artists who deal mostly with a concern for justice and social equality. The exceptions are Tony May’s two small sculptures concerned with his cat and Diane Jacob’s, Repatriation, which is a large book. As it happens words and type also play a prominent role in this excellent exhibition at the Art Department’s Gallery of Art and Art History at Santa Clara University.

Billingslea’s point of departure was to gather assemblage work on a small scale, compatible with her own current sculptural direction. Artist Lisa Kokin affirms the value of “both recycled materials and a hand made quality in the digital age.” She says “I’m very low tech and appreciate labor intensity and showing the artist’s hand.” On content, she continues, “I have a continuing preoccupation with social conditions, ethical uses of photography…”


Renee Billingslea’s open books on the history of slavery and racism